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BSB22'4" . Bimetal Band Saw Blade M42 Cobalt 8%, 34x1.1 mm, 5/8 tpi (back quality X32 Cr 4. 270 gr./m)

Bimetal Band Saw Blade M42


What you consider your length may vary depending upon the travel of your take up wheel.  Travel of the take up wheel may be as little as 3 inches or 8 inches or more. Each inch of travel results in 2 inches of Blade length.  Thus if you have a travel of 3 inches you have a variable of 6 and 8 inches equals a variable of 16.  This should be considered in your selection of blades lengths available for use on your equipment.

A 40 Ft. blade should wear twice as long as a 20 Ft Blade etc.


Only available in the Southern Continental 48 States.


Proper band saw break-in will give you a better blade life. It is best to Reduce feed pressure by 25% for 200 inches. OR Reduce the blade speed and feed by 25%. Gradually increase speed and feed until Normal


These Great American Bi Metal band saw blades are a tested quality solution for pallet disassembly.  Tooth Tempering with 8% Cobalt material results in tool steel quality in each tooth.  An exceptionally flexible blade ensure high reliability. These blades are first choice if you are looking for long lasting saw blade within a good price range. We strive to provide you with the best quality saw blades within reasonable price that last long and outperform many high end saw blades in the market.

12 - 22'4". Bi Metal Band Saw Blade
SKU: BSB22'4"