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HF102 2in Ceramic Fiber Boards.

2" Ceramic Board. Density: 17.5lb/ft3 or 280kg/m3. Size: 2 ft x 3 ft x 2 in. Working Temperature: 1000 Celsius or 1832 Fahrenheit. Maximum Temperature: 1260 Celsius or 2300 Fahrenheit. Dimensions for a pallet of 15 units: 38" L x 38" W x 79" H, Weight = 1005 LBS

Do not be fooled by brand names.   Heating Ceramic material to a liquid state and then blasting it with high pressure air makes a fiber used in various forms for insulation. We all make the same product the same way.


Other products are made by adding Alumina or Zirconium Silicat   to reach higher temperatures.

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1 - case 2" Ceramic Fiber Boards (two sheets)
SKU: HF102
27 Casess 2in Ceramic Fiber Boards (two sheets)
SKU: HF102