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M14 7/16-in Clear Marbles

These absolutely enthralling clear glass marbles are crystal clear and round. These 11mm glass marbles are perfect for DIY projects, crafts and home decoration project enthusiast. They are reliable and made up of best quality glass to give you best result whatever way you are using them. We have years of experience working with glass marbles and promise user satisfaction. With free shipping over bulk buying, we offer the best deals for glass marbles and gems. Our prices are extremely economical with a promise of highest quality material and best value for your money.

Glass Marbles and Nuggets --- Free Shipping to all U.S. Addresses

 $3.66 per pound, minimum 6 pounds, any color 

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1 lb. 7/16" Clear Marbles
SKU: m14
1 lb. 7/16" Clear Marbles
SKU: m14
30 lbs. 7/16" Clear Marbles
SKU: m14