10in Diamond saw Blade

10in Diamond Saw Blade for Table Saws, Circular Saws and Chop Saws

DB3743 10" Continuous Rim Diamond Blade for TILE

DIAMOND PARAMETERS: Size:50/60,60/70 Strength: >30kg Qty: 11.0ct Content: 16.0% Bonding Hardness: HRB80

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DB3821 10IN Segmented granite & concrete sintered saw blade. 5/8"-7/8" arbor

10" Sintered segmented, granite & concrete. 5/8"-7/8" arbor with 18 segments.

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DB3821HP 10IN Hot pressed saw blade for general purpose. 5/8"-7/8" arbor

10" Hot Pressed saw blade for general purpose 5/8"-7/8" arbor 4

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DB3822 10IN Segmented saw blade for concrete.

DIAMOND PARAMETERS: Size:40/50, 50/60 Strength: >25kg Qty: 13.5ct Content: 16.0% Bonding Hardness: HRB75 10" Sintered segmented 5/8"-7/8" arbor

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DL621 10IN Laser welded segmented diamond saw blade for ASPHALT. 5/8' 7/8' arbor

DIAMOND PARAMETERS: Size:40/50, 50/60 Strength: >25kg Qty: 20ct Content: 35.0% Bonding Hardness: HRB105 href="http://mcgillswarehouse.com/c/58/safety-products">Click here for Safety Products

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