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1&3/16" Glass Gems, approximately 30-Pieces Per Pound

Marbles and Nuggets/Gems are sold by description rather than pictures. Because the pictures may not accurately portray the product depending on the browser your computer uses. We describe the product in the best manner we can and do not warrant that the color we describe will be as you might describe it. A nugget or marble that is "shiny/iridized/metallic" means that it has a "slight" mirror like coating on the surface that gives a silver or gold type finish. This coating may not show well on the displayed image.


N62 30MM Amber Shiny Glass Gems

1&3/16" Amber Shiny Glass Gems

$ 1.5800

N65 30MM Green Shiny Glass Gems

1&3/16" Green Shiny Glass Gems

$ 1.5800

N70 30MM Green Opal Glass Gems

Green Opal 1&3/16" Glass Gems

$ 1.5800