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ART355 poster color, vermilion

poster color, vermilion no. 6, 12 ml. per tube.

Poster painting has impressed various cultures now a days. In Every country there poster painting has significant effect. Posters artist are working now a days with high respect, because posters gives dynamic information to all target customers, individuals and specific groups. The finest quality of this painting is that it contains textual and graphic content.

Posters painting is similar to wall painting where advertising is done with technically way. Many companies adopt verities of promotional techniques through posters for to attract the customers to their product service and brand. It is ultimate truth that we cannot deny the significance of poster paints in that technological environment.

This beautiful vermilion poster color has been designed for posters artist, beginners and creative painters. This tube offers high quality pigmentation strong colors, high waterproof poster color, excellent opaqueness , matt finishing, quickly dry and remain bright, smooth , luminous ,vivid and transparent nature .it also cover large surface and produces elegant textures that makes good working properties on artwork . It is also highly safe to mix with others media and provides consistent lightfastness result.


  • Beautiful vermilion poster color 12ml tube.
  • Made with high quality pigment.
  • Dries quickly and water resistant fading.
  • Blend quickly to produce subtle shades.
  • Brilliant color with powerful tinting strength.
  • Good adherence with great coverage ratio.
  • Superb opaqueness and matte finishing.
  • Consistent lightfastness.
  • Ideal for poster painters, wall painters, indoor or outdoor painters , designers, illustrators, tempera painters, mature artists fine art students, teachers and travel hobbyists.
  • Useful for all applications of poster and tempera techniques painting.
  • High degree of permanence and easily transport
  • High quality with low price
  • Customer satisfaction.

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1 - Poster color, vermilion no. 6, 12 ml. per tube.
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10 - Poster color, vermilion no. 6, 12 ml. per tube.
Availability: In stock