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ART356 poster color, cobalt blue

poster color, cobalt blue no. 38, 12 ml. per tube.

Poster color painting has been one of oldest painting in almost all countries of the world. The history of Egypt depicts that poster color painting has been used in caves, tombs, and castle and king fortress. This painting has been extensively used in various artworks in western Europe and western Asia such as china, India, and Nepal.

Now a days poster painting is the remarkable symbol of advertising, announcement, protesting sign, promoting artwork galleries as publicity unit.  Poster painting is also used to catch the attention of the public by representing their imagery expressions.

The cobalt blue poster color tube is valuable almost all type of palettes. The highly pigment allows the artist to create rich appearance, consistent performance, soft edges, strong transparency and outstanding permanence of colors. It can be easily intermixable with oil and absorb large amount of water to achieve thickness and excellent finishing. Because of its transparency and natural and luminosity artist love to use this color.

It is ultimately fact these poster colors are extensity used in all type of poster painting, oil painting, acrylic painting , watercolor painting ,gouache painting , glassmaking, and painting on ceramic.

In addition, these are ideally used by watercolorists, painters, professional artist, fine art students and crafters.

We are offering best size of 12ml per tube of cobalt blue for our customers.


  • Perfect cobalt blue tube.
  • High quality, richly pigment with greater permanence properties.
  • Strong color with excellent transparency and light fastness consistency.
  • Can be used as substitute of ultra-mine.
  • Useful for poster painting, oil painting, water color, acrylic painting. Glassmaking painting, homemade painting, artwork gallery painting.
  • Ideal by watercolorist, mature artist, beginner, fine art students, artwork classes, and crafters.
  • Dynamic buttery consistency
  • Economical and reasonable price
  • Customer satisfaction.

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1 - Poster color, cobalt blue no. 38, 12 ml. per tube.
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10 - Poster color, cobalt blue no. 38, 12 ml. per tube.
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