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ART357 poster color, lemon yellow

poster color, lemon yellow no. 21, 12 ml. per tube

Watercolor painting has been recognized as unique art form of painting and drawing. The pigments which are used in watercolors provide excellent mixing performance, transparency and light fastness effect in solvable water. That is why watercolors have renowned in almost all Asian art and western art history.
The beautiful artist watercolor lemon yellow tube has been designed for artistic use. The tube comes with outstanding pigments with excellent performance, vivid transparency, purity light fastness of color in watercolor painting. This excellent lemon yellow is a soft, smooth and high luminosity in nature when mixing ranges of yellow hues in water. Lemon yellow is not only clear yellow bright color but also creates superior bright result when mixed with white.

These lemon yellow color are widely used in almost all range of water color painting such as mixing large amount of colors, easily apply different mixing and glazing techniques in water,.

In addition, these are ideal for watercolorists, creative painters, fine art have been dealing with students, beginners, sketchers, and hobbyists.

There are many sizes available in the market for this tube .the size of this dynamic lemon yellow tube can be varied by its size length and diameter. But we are offering standard size package 12ml tube for our customers.

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  • High quality Yellow lemon water color paint tube.
  • Strong permanence pigment.
  • Maximum transparency and light fastness
  • Useful for mixing all watercolor media and artwork painting.
  • Ideal for artist, watercolorists, sketchers, fine art students, hobbyists
  • Beautiful and subtle washes.
  • Excellent mixing and working properties in watercolor painting.
  • Economical
  • Affordable price
  • Customer satisfaction.
1 - Poster color, lemon yellow no. 21, 12 ml. per tube.
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10 - Poster color, lemon yellow no. 21, 12 ml. per tube.
Availability: In stock