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BD4FM11 4mm METALLIC SILVER faceted shaped bead

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4mm METALLIC SILVER colored faceted shaped plastic beads. 1 cup , approximately 4400 beads. These are loose beads, not on a string.

These lustrous, elegant beads are facet-shaped with a beautiful metallic silver finish. The diameter is approximately 4mm and sold by the cup (roughly 4400 beads). This makes it ideal for virtually any multipurpose setting, whether they be handmade jewelry, decorative ornaments or any other cosmetic designs. The metallic silver sheen makes even the dullest or most worn objects look new and sleek, adding a recyclable element to these beads. The availability of these beads as loose items, without restrictions by strings, make them further useful as DIY enhancements for any household projects that may arise.

1 -Cup, approx. 4400 beads - 4mm METALLIC SILVER
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