BD4FM3 4mm METALLIC GOLD faceted shaped plastic beads

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4mm METALLIC GOLD colored faceted shaped plastic beads. 1 cup, approximately 4400 beads. These are loose beads, not on a string.

These exquisite metallic-gold beads, with a facet shape, are ideal for any DIY projects or accessories that may be required. With a diameter of just 4mm, these beads are sleek and economical as they are sold at 4400 beads a pack.. These multipurpose beads are usable for any artistic, decorative, or ornamental needs that may arise, from handmade jewelry to aesthetic enhancements. These beads can further be used for recycling purposes, lending beauty to even the dullest and most worn-out objects. The absence of any strings, keeping the beads loose, makes them able to be applied in a variety of settings.