BD4R8A 4mm Light Orange colored opaque round plastic beads. apprx. 4400 pcs per cup
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Short Description:
4mm LIGHT ORANGE colored round plastic beads. 2 cups , approximately 8800 beads. These are loose beads, not on a string.
Detail Description:

Who knew that the one thing you really needed was a touch of citric and we have just that for your multi-purpose DIY projects creative-self needed. We satisfy that craving of yours with our top quality light orange colored beads. The perfect ornament addition to your jewelry world. Not only is this addition extremely economical it also supports your desire to bulk buy. Beads are available in loose form which makes them useful for beautiful beading projects for craft enthusiastic individuals and jewelry artists. Available in packets of 2 cups which makes approximately 8800 beads per pack, these plastic beads are cost effective and promise a high end product.

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