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DOMESTIC Applications of Bevels

Bevels are the powerful tool that is employed to soften the edge of the piece. Bevels have been used for many years in wood carving industries that is why we see that every cutting tool must have at least one attached bevel. Bevels are typically supported with cutting angle that controls how the tool can be performed with material.

Bevels are the best tool for cutting angle in wood materials, for example, furniture where the woodworker wants to cut sharp through an angle. Bevels come with much kind of different designs, and these designs are varied by its size diameter and length.

The most common designs of bevels which are reliable for users and  being used in many fields such as,  square bevels , rectangle bevels , diamond bevels , triangle bevels, star bevels, oval bevels, circle bevels, half circle bevels, corner bevels ,kite bevels , heart bevels ,half circles , corner, diamond bevels, side diamond bevels, oval top , pencil, star bevel side oval and oval top bevels etc.

Many cutting tools are bevel shaped edged, for example kitchen knives are made with a single sharp bevel blade. Wood workers want to cut sharp on materials. So these bevels are made for wood cutting industries where there is need to cut groove cutting.

Wood worker can powerfully cut correct angles by using bevel protractor.

Applications of bevels:
Before starting the bevels you must acknowledge that which type of bevels you are going to use?

Here are few applications of bevels.

  • Bevels are extensively used with many cutting tools, because many cutting tools are fixed with bevels edged.
  • Bevels are widely used in artistic industry such as glass bevels, and window panes and mirrors and superb cutting in hard thick glasses.
  • Bevels are especially designed for woodworkers by using bevel protractor.
  • Bevels are broadly used in underground water agencies where edge of water is called as bevel region.
  • Bevels are the integral part in waterskiing sport.
  • Many wood workers prefer straight bevels for powerful cutting and maximum strength on the materials.
  • Bevels are typically used to make softer the edge of a piece.