Glass Bevels

Bevels are used in stained glass designs to soften the edge of the piece. In addition, including a glass bevel in your design increases the reflective quality of the piece significantly which adds a lot more sparkle and magic to the design.  Bevels bring a more three dimensional quality and provide some depth with the additional surface area.

The most common bevels are: square bevels , rectangle bevels , diamond bevels , triangle bevels, star bevels, oval bevels, circle bevels, half circle bevels, corner bevels ,kite bevels , heart bevels ,half circle bevels , corner bevels, diamond bevels, side diamond bevels, oval top bevels , pencil bevels, star bevels, side oval bevels ,oval top bevels and more!

Use of glass bevels
Used in stained glass typically for doors, windows and mirrors or for ornamental designs to hang from a string or wire.



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