DT830D Digital Multimeter, 5x2.5x 1-in. 9v Battery Included

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The DT830D is a well specified low-cost multimeter with DC current function, battery and continuity test. It offers high build quality and designed for use by electricians, technicians, servicemen, and hobbyists who require an instrument that is accurate, reliable, and always ready for use

This 5-in-1 digital multi-meter is a compact electronic tool that can measure AC DC voltage, current, diode, as well as a power source. The device is robust and comes with a long lasting 9v battery and functionalities such as auto off. We have years of experience working with electronic instruments and promise user satisfaction. With free shipping over bulk buying, we offer the best deals for quality electrical and electronic accessories. Our prices are extremely economical with a promise of highest quality material and best value for your money.