DW73P 18IN "Silent" Silver Brazed Segmented Saw Blade for Marble & Concrete
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A brazed segmented saw blade requires the placement of a piece of braze between the steel blank and the segment.Silver brazed diamond blades are also known as high frequency welded diamond blades. The diamond segments and the steel core are rigidly welded together by silver brazing solders. The solders melt at a high temperature by a high frequency welding machine. Diamond segments of silver brazed diamond bladesare replaceable, so they are more economical than the laser welded blades. 

  • Long life and stable performance 
  • Good cutting result and high efficiency 


18" Professional series silver brazed segmented saw blade for marble & concrete. abor size 60mm shimmed to 50mm and 25.4mm (1")."sandwiched" saw blade. "quieter" cutting 


DIAMOND PARAMETERS: Size:60/70, 70/80 Strength: >25kg Qty: 67.5ct Content: 20.0% Bonding Hardness: HRB60-70 

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