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Faceted Drop Crystal

P10A 38x22mm Faceted Drop Crystals

Crystal clear faceted drop. 38x22mm or 1.5in x .9in with one hole on top.

$ 0.4600

P10C 50x29mm Faceted Drop Crystals

Crystal 50x29mm faceted drop with one hole on top.

$ 4.3800

P11B 50x35mm Faceted Drop Crystals

crystal clear faceted drop. 50mm x 35mm or 2in x 1.37in

$ 0.6600

P47B 63MM faceted drop[CC15,A50a]

63mm faceted drop

$ 0.4900

P47C 76MM faceted drop[CC15,A49a]

76mm faceted drop

$ 0.7200