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Insurance Claim Processing

Insurance Claim Processing

        McGills Warehouse agrees where and for this purpose only:
    1. For the purposes of any claim for insurance provided by any shipper.
    2. Used to ship goods purchased from McGills Warehouse, and McGills Warehouse has received and will retain the consideration for the sale.
    3. Which buyer would be entitled to receive the benefits of.
    4. Assigns the right to file or pursue any claim for insurance on goods purchased from McGills Warehouse and or employs without compensation the purchaser of the goods to represent for this purpose and this purpose only that he is perusing said claim in behalf of McGills Warehouse using his return address.
        Claimant is authorized for this purpose and this purpose only to sign any check received from the shipper for goods insured by the shipping company whether it is the U.S. Post office or FedEx or other shipping company.
        These provisions are enacted because McGills Warehouse is selling goods and only acts as the agent for the purchaser of the goods in selecting a shipper and shipping and purchaser recognizes and agrees that the Vendor McGills Warehouse's duty and liability stops upon delivery of the goods to the shipper.

To File Claims

        Please visit the shipping company's website at the below links to file claims.

     - For U.S. Post office click here
     - For FedEx click here