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M264 2-in. Transparent Glass Marbles

2" Transparent Clear With Blue, Red, And Yellow Twisted Swirled Glass Marbles. 1 bag-5 marbles.

Alongside our vast collection of 16mm marble merchandise at McGills Warehouse online department store is included an immense variety 2" transparent clear marbles with blue, red and yellow twisted swirls. To relieve your purchases McGills prices a single packet of these marbles at $9.88, while the bulk purchase of 6 such packets is just $3.91/per bag. Whereas 30lbs of this product i.e. 30 packets simply cost a mere $1.79/packet, additionally, the company has also added the facility of free shipping to all U.S. based addresses. Further, our company offers free shipping to all U.S addresses regardless of the weight of the package which generally ranges from 1lb upwards depending on the number of packets of marbles ordered. 

Glass Marbles and Nuggets --- Free Shipping to all U.S. Addresses

Marbles or nuggets $2.49 per pound, minimum 6 bags, any size & color
or --- $1.50 per pound, minimum 30 pounds, same size & color only
or --- handmade at $1.80 per group, minimum 6 groups, any size & color

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1-lb - 2" Transparent Clear With Blue, Red, and Ye
SKU: M264
Free shipping
1-lb - 2" Transparent Clear With Blue, Red, and Ye when you purchase 6 or more Free shipping
SKU: M264
Free shipping
30-lbs - 2" Transparent Clear With Blue, Red, and
SKU: M264
Free shipping