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M265 2-in. Transparent Glass Marbles

2" Transparent Clear With Green and Orange Swirled Glass Marbles.

Beautiful, transparent glass marbles of all shades and hues. Made of only the finest materials and of the finest quality available. Perfect for decorations, ornamental displays and any aesthetic projects that may arise, or even as handmade displays perfect as a gift. Sold in a nugget, any shade or hue at $2.49 per pound, with minimum 6 bags, or at $1.50 per pound, minimum at 30 pounds and also at $1.80 per group, minimum at 6 groups. With such a wide array of dazzling patterns and colored pieces, these multipurpose marbles are economical despite the bulk quantity. You can even use them for recycling/redecorating old/worn out objects.

Glass Marbles and Nuggets --- Free Shipping to all U.S. Addresses

Marbles or nuggets $2.49 per pound, minimum 6 bags, any size & color
or --- $1.50 per pound, minimum 30 pounds, same size & color only
or --- handmade at $1.80 per group, minimum 6 groups, any size & color

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1lb - 2-in Transparent Clear With Green and Orange
SKU: M265
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1lb - 2-in Transparent Clear With Green and Orange when you purchase 6 or more Free shipping
SKU: M265
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30lbs - 2-in Transparent Clear With Green and Oran
SKU: M265
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