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MJ3222C HANDMADE 25MM Set of 10 Marbles, Green w/Black STRIPES

Marbles are awesome there is no way around it and it is even better when you get a high-quality collection of marbles. Finding new colors and patterns along with unique designs is one of the best feelings. Here you get marbles that are unique cheap and beautiful along with being handmade. The marbles look amazing with an absolutely beautiful green with black stripes design on them. These high-quality marbles will bring back your memories from childhood and help you in creating some new ones today. Whether you are gifting them to a friend or loved one or just playing marbles again you will always have fun.

Free Shipping to all U.S. Addresses available on selected marbles and nuggets.

1- 25mm Handmade Marbles 10pcs FREE SHIPPING
SKU: MJ3222C
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