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Jewels Disclaimer: The new jewels are of a superior quality to the former jewels that we sold. Portions of the jewels may have imperfections, however, the overall quality accomplished by a superior manufacturing technique obtaining sharper lines and flatter surfaces makes them a superior jewel for the stained glass profession than its predecessor with dull lines and non flat surfaces. What we have is great for the price and customers will not be permitted to pick some and return others and should you choose to reject what you receive the shipping is on the customer and we have a return policy that should be considered.

J37 40/30mm Clear oval

40/30mm Clear oval

$ 0.6800

J38 40/30mm Amber oval

40/30mm Amber oval

$ 1.9000

J39 40mm x 30mm Green oval

40/30mm green oval

$ 1.9000

J40 40mm x 30mm Blue oval

40/30mm blue oval

$ 1.9000

J41 40mm x 30mm Amethyst oval

40/30mm amethyst oval

$ 1.9000

J42 40mm x 30mm Red oval

40/30mm red oval

$ 2.2300

J43 40mm x 30mm Pink oval

40/30mm pink oval

$ 1.8000

J44 30mm x 22mm Clear oval

30/22mm clear oval

$ 0.6100

J45 30mm x 22mm Amber oval

30/22mm amber oval

$ 1.1000

J46 30/22mm Emerald oval

30/22mm Emerald oval

$ 1.1000

J47 30mm x 22mm Blue oval

30/22mm blue oval

$ 1.1000

J48 30mm x 22mm Amethyst oval

30/22mm amethyst oval

$ 1.1000

J49 30mm x 22mm Red oval

30/22mm red oval

$ 1.4900

J50 30mm x 22mm Pink oval

30/22mm pink oval

$ 1.8400

J51 25mm x 18mm Clear oval

25/18mm clear oval

$ 0.5300

J52 25mm x 18mm Amber oval

25/18mm amber oval

$ 1.3500

J53 25mm x 18mm Green oval

25/18mm green oval

$ 1.3500

J54 25mm x 18mm Blue oval

25/18mm blue oval

$ 1.3500

J55 25mm x 18mm Amethyst oval

25/18mm amethyst oval

$ 1.3500

J56 25mm x 18mm Red oval

25x18mm red oval

$ 1.2600

J57 25mm x 18mm Pink oval

25/18mm pink oval

$ 1.4500