Qualities of Crystal Glass

Crystal was first developed in England where, tragically, lead crystal glasses were used for drinking and storing.  Obviously this was extremely bad their health and eventually they figured it out and stopped using lead in their dishes.

Crystal glass is simply a soft material, in which barium oxide and zink oxides are mixed and which has a special brightness and high density.  Lead is no longer used for obvious reasons.  But beware of antique crystal glass which often does contain lead.

Qualities of crystal glass
Crystal glass is best known for its transparent quality and beautiful reflective nature. Crystal glass is made with mixture of various oxides including zinc oxide and potassium oxide, rather than lead oxide. Nowadays, crystal glass is nontoxic and is anti-corrosive for extended life.

As stated, some antique crystal glass DOES contain lead which enhances the weight of the glass, and the light reflective quality so be careful with antique crystal goblets, you don't want to actually use them for drinking, these antiques are best for display only, for obvious reasons. Remember, don't LICK antique crystals, you just don't know how much lead might be in there.

In fact, with antique crystal, the lead content defines the various classifications and qualities that are observed, just keep it away from your mouth folks.  These types of crystal glass are never to be used for your champagne under any circumstances.  Look but don't lick!

Applications of crystal glass
Crystal glass comes in various forms, shapes and sizes, additionally, crystal glass is defined in more depth by its length, sound and weight. The most commonly available crystals include faceted drop crystals, flower crystals, moon and star crystals, ball crystals, leave crystals, oval crystals, raindrop crystals and snowflake crystals but there are certainly many more possibilities with crystal glass.

Applications of crystal glass
With so many different styles and shape, glass crystal can be seen all over the world in private homes and public places, serving dishes, windows, doors, and typically are deployed extensively in wedding ceremonies and meals. When the groom raises a glass for a toast, you can be sure it's a crystal glass in most cases.

Here are just a few uses for crystal glass

Often used in both doors and windows at home and in public places.
Jewelry often incorporates crystal glass, which is substantially cheaper than diamond.
Crystal glass is widely used as home decoration in a wide variety of creative ways.
Decorative, stylish, and elegantly presented in five star hotels and restaurants.
Used extensively for classy wedding ceremonies, parties and special events.
Widely used with champagne for that sparkly toast to the new couple.
Some wine lovers prefer crystal glasses as well.

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